Mountain Running Round-up

On Sunday 17th June, Andy Gregg took part in the 10.5-mile Flagstaff to Carlingford race, the fifth round of this year’s NIMRA Mountain Running Championship. Conditions on the day were very misty and Andy finished 28th in a time of 2:36:33, a time which included at least 10 minutes spent with a group of runners trying to locate the trig point on Slieve Foye summit in poor visibility.

In the Hill and Dale Series, Bryan Magee took part in the 4.3 mileLoughshannagh Horseshoe Race, one of the most scenic in the series, taking in the four peaks of Ott, Slieve Loughshannagh, Doan and Carn. Bryan finished 117th in a time of 1:01:58. In the previous week’s Millstone Hill and Dale Race from Donard Park in Newcastle, Andy ran well in the warm, dry conditions finishing 46th in a time of 46:43, while Bryan finished 66th in a time of 49:29.

Last but not least, Bryan Magee travelled further afield to take part in the Goatfell Hill Race on the Isle of Arran, a 15.5 km race with 870 metres of ascent. Bryan ran well, finishing in 57th place overall and a time of 1:52:56.

Results – Flagstaff to Carlingford
28, Andy Gregg, 2:36:33

Results – Hill & Dale, Loughshannagh Horseshoe
117, Bryan Magee, 1:01:58

Results – Hill & Dale, Millstone
46, Andy Gregg, 46:43
66, Bryan Magee, 49:29

Results – Goatfell Hill Race
57, Bryan Magee, 1:52:56