World 5K Challenge and World Marathon Challenge

On Friday evening, Larne Junior Academy members, friends, parents and coaches took part in a World 5K Challenge and World Marathon Challenge. The aim being to try and beat the world record times for these events in a continuous relay. The juniors   through getting sponsored for the event raised £500 for the Mae Murray Foundation.

The World Record over the 5K distance is 12 minutes, 37.35 seconds and was set by Kenenisa Bekele.  First to try and break this record was the Primary School Girls Team, with team members Abbie Lavery, Clare Hagan, Evie Lavery, Keira Feeney, Madison Finnegan, Isla Allen, Taylor Black, Leah Kerr, Anna Montgomery and guest runner Charlotte Smyth.  The girls needed to run 25 200 meter laps to make up the distance needed. The girls team, did not beat the record but ran a fantastic time of 16 minutes and 21 seconds.

Next up to take on the 5K Challenge was the Primary School Boys Team made up of Luke Marcus, Caleb Morrow, Jack McKeen, Joel Shaw, Jack Somerville, Oliver Smyth, Joel Paine, Ross McNeill, Alexander Davidson, Adam Wallace, Ralph Wilson, Ollie Reid, Jonah Somerville and Oisin McAllister, with guest runner Riley Montgomery.  The boys again did not beat the world record but achieved another fantastic time of 15 minutes and 49 seconds.

Next up was our team who were going to attempt to break the World Record Time for the Marathon. The world record was set by Denis Kimetto and stands at 2 hours, 2 minutes and 57 seconds.  The team would complete 1 lap of 195 metres followed by 210 laps of 200 metres to complete the 26.2 miles distance.

There were 30 team members taking part, made up of Junior Academy secondary school members, along with coaches, mums and dads of the juniors and friends of Larne Athletic Club.

The team was made up of junior members  Robyn Park, Jamie Longmore, Katie Allen, Anna McKenna, Brooke Black, Kirsty Wilson, Eva Conway, Will Barham, Abi Barham, Katie Barham,  Orla McRandal, Esther McBride,Hannah Shaw, Jane Hagan and Sam Drummond. Along with the coaching team of Sammy Drummond, Julie Allen,  Rhonda Montgomery, Emma McKeen and Ian Brennan. A big thank you must be given to friends and parents who also volunteered to be part of the team. A big thank you to Barry Morrow, Lorna Feeney,  Roger Barham, Emma Somerville, Andrew Davidson, Roisin Lavery, Nicky Marcus, Ciara Montgomery, Gary Montgomery, Susan Nicholson and Dan Nicholson.  Larne Athletic Club Chairman Billy Thompson was invited to start the challenge by running the first lap.

This was a brilliant challenge and although the world record was not broken, the team ran the 26.2 mile distance in a time of 2 hours, 13 minutes and 36 seconds.

A massive well done and thank you to all the athletes who took part in these challenges. Another big thank you to all the parents who also volunteered to help on the night and who made the event such a success.

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