Antrim Coast Road Marathon

On Saturday 30th June Larne Athletic Club had 21 runners in a field of 200 at the Antrim Coast Road Marathon hosted by Larne AC, running 26.2 miles along the beautiful Antrim coast.
First club finisher, David Noble with a time 03:02:19 (7th) next in was Patricia Blair with performance of the day, a time of 03:20:13 (24th), 2nd female and new personal best . Sean Mcallister was next in 3:23:17 (29th) improving this time form the 80’s. Next in was another runner with have run in the event in the 80’s John Agnew with a time of 3:26:12 (38th).


Alan Lockington had a very strong run in at 03:33:27 (51st), follow by Paul Tilson in 3:40:33 (59th), New Dad Thomas Craig was next in with 3:40:57(61st). Brian Heron was next with a time of 3:46:53 (88th). Bernie Regan was next with a new personal best of 03:47:52 (72nd). Sammy Drummond was next with 03:52;14 (82nd) follow by Mark Todd 03:56:19 (87th).


Daniel Magill had a strong run to finish 04:03:32 (100th), Bryan Heron was next with a time of 04:04:50 (102nd). Emmett Woods in 04:14:12 (117th). Heather Baxter finish in 04:17:21 (126th). Andrew Davidson was 04:33:08 (144th) follow by Cathal McAuley 04:37:21 150th). Jennifer Mulvenna with a time of 5:23:26 (181st), Eddie Finn with a time of 5:34:13 (182nd). Teresa Evans running her first marathon finish with a time of 5:45:01 (184th) and veteran Larne AC runner George Sloan completed the field in 7:00:00(188th)


Thank you to all the Marshals and supporters on the course for a fantastic event.