Scottish 10K and Half Marathon

31 Larne AC and supporter travelled to Edinburgh for the Scottish 10K and Half Marathon on Sunday 22nd September. First up the 10K, Larne AC had 11 in the race. The start at and the finish at Musselburgh Racecourse; Scotland’s oldest racecourse, An in and out course starting at 9am. First home for Larne in the race was Davy Noble with a time of 37:54 in 35 position and 3rd in this age category. Next was Sean Mcallister with a time of 42:29 in 89 position and 2nd in age category. Next was Mark Todd in 45:26, Follow by Larne AC First lady Mandy Johnston in 49:44 and getting 3rd in her age category. Follow by Rhonda Montgomery in 52:14, next was Jayne Liddle 53:57, follow in by Maureen Mccollum in 59:44 breaking the 1 hour. Next was Pearl Henry in 1:08:11 , Catherine Todd 1:11:54, Jennifer Lloyd 1:14:00 and Pat Gingles 1:16:00.

In the half marathon which start later at 11am at the Meadowmill Sports Centre with the route along the magnificent East Lothian Golf Coast before finishing in the final furlong at Musselburgh Racecourse. Larne AC had 5 in this event First home for the club was Billy Thompson in position 101 and getting 3rd  in this age category with a time 1:26:48, Next was John Agnew with a time of 1:34:21  in 242 position and also coming 2nd in this age category, close between John was Andy Gregg with a time of 1:34:52 in 251 position. Brian Heron with 1:48:37 and Davy Noble 1:48:38

We done to the Larne AC runners and thanks to the supporters.

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